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Robin gallant is a Bikini competitor and IPF powerlifter popular on YouTube thanks to her fitness instruction videos. Her self-titled channel has earned more than 360,000 subscribers. She also has more than 870,000 Instagram followers. She started her fitness journey while in university – she struggled with stacking extracurricular responsibilities on top of demanding courseloads. Being a perfectionist, she put heryself under immense pressure to overachieve. She started to neglect her physical and mental health, barely sleeping or eating so she would have more time for schoolwork… this compounded and her anxiety disorder became debilitating. For the first time, in January 2013, she allowed herself to take time away from school to regain her health.

Weight115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)
Height5'2" (157.5cm)



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Not gonna lie guys I’ve been really struggling with how dark it’s been… it’s that time of year in the UK when the sun doesn’t really rise 😩🌫 my energy has been great and overall I feel good and it’s definitely been better than last year, but my mood goes down when it’s dark because I feel.. claustrophobic? I’m not sure what’s the best word to describe it. Can you relate? • I’m also feeling a bit lonely 🙁 because Ben is away in Hong Kong for work! I used to go with him on work trips but for the last several months I decided it would be best to stay home to stay more focused on my work. I never used to feel lonely before my surgery (I think it was the brain fog) so that is something new I’m dealing with. We’re lucky because the next few trips are ones we get to do together 🙏🏼 • Anywayyy if there’s anything I learned there is always something that we can do to pick ourselves up when we’re feeling down and improve our situation 🤗 I’m going to get myself to the gym (like right after I post this) to re-establish a routine, take my daily vitamin D & fish oil and crack down on using my daylight lamps to wake up and while I work during the day 💡 if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, honestly the lamps help sooo much! • I also want to thank you for leaving nice comments on here, and I apologize for not being as responsive lately. I struggle with withdrawing socially when I feel down and lonely. Basically I sabotage myself haha. It’s something I need to work on 💕

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