Russian beauty


Meet Aneglika kenova The russian model whose parents turned her into a “human barbie” :

“Since I was a child, my parents styled me as a Barbie,”The 26-year-old Russian model Angelica Kenova says in an interview with Daily Mail. “So I’m glad to be equated to one. Barbie is the idol of girls around the world.”

Kenova, who still lives with her controlling parents, has been raised as a living doll since she was born. “Growing up, my parents raised me like a princess and never let me go out, date boys or have usual adult experiences,” she tells Daily Mail. “As a result, I am not fit for real life—I’m like a living doll.” Kenova’s mother demands that she accompanies the model on any dates. “I have to book a table for three people so she can sit at the same table whilst my date and I have dinner. So I’ve never had a proper boyfriend. All the boys I know are just friends unfortunately.” Her parents do, however, approve of her photo shoots, even those in which she appears half-naked. Flip through the gallery below to see some of Kenova’s shots.

Part of Kenova’s preparation for life as a living doll also included having a personal trainer ever since she became a teenager.


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