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Heba Ali is a fitness influencer and personal coach from New Jersey USA. She’s gained recognition for her hybrid training – combining bodybuilding, powerlifting, and mobility drills to maintain her awesome physique.
However, the gym is not the only place Heba trains at. Among her favorite activities are rock climbing, flipping tires, and running through hot deserts.
With her unique approach to training, Heba displays a continuous passion for fitness. She’s won the admiration of countless fans, as well as inspiring other women to build strong and healthy physiques of their own.




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The reason why I got on social media: I never expected to have the following I have today. Either way, nothing gets to my head. I’m the same person I was at 1000 followers. Everything was always about the principle for me. I became sick of seeing how narcissistic our society was becoming. The butt programs, shit supplements and teas being promoted made me sick to my stomach(hence where my “I don’t sell bullshit teas or butt programs” arose from. I got online to show girls and society in general what real was. Not only in training but in life. Theres a huge power that comes with being who you are and following your purpose. I’ll never lose site of who I am no matter how much society tries to change us. I never chased money, fame or a certain image. I chase my purpose, inspiring others , specifically women, to find confidence in their authentic individuality instead of chasing after an idealistic body image, social status, money, relationships, etc. There’s a lot of mentorship out here showing girls what not to do, but I don’t see a lot of positive guidance on what to do. Shoutout to all of those making a positive impact on the world. Thank you all for being apart of my journey from the get and supporting who I am. Be true to yourselves. 💛🦁 #EvolveNation #HebaAli 📸 @smphotography_

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Weight145 - 155lbs (65.8 - 70.3kg)
Height5'6" (167.5m)
Profession Fitness Trainer, Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Online Entrepreneur



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