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Michie Peachie is an American fitness model with Korean ancestry. She’s been on the rise since 2016, when she began to upload photos of her curvy and aesthetic body.


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I took a break this past week by letting myself eat what i wanted and just giving my body time to be off my strict program. I still went to the gym but i did less cardio and focused on more weights since i was getting so many extra calories. The next break i will be taking will be no gym for 1 week. Taking a 1 week break from your diet or exercise is absolutely ok! In fact it’s recommended to do so every so often so that your body can get a break and also come back stronger. Tomorrow is the start of my program and i will be missing all the goodies I’ve been having 🙈 My weight scale says that i am up 2lbs from last week, making me 125lb right now. But I’m not concerned because i know it’s mostly water weight from the extra sodium. This is why i always advise to wait a few days after a vacation, to weight yourself because you will almost always come back to your program with some water weight and it’s nothing to panic about! –

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Answering Questions about eating fruit ! After doing my diet video on YT, i had a bunch of you notice that i did not mention fruit. Is fruit healthy? Yes! But one thing people tend to look over is that fruit is still sugar… and at the end of the day sugar is sugar. Fruit is a better alternative than reaching for a donut but one mistake a lot of people make when trying to diet down, is having too much fruit… not realizing their diet is chalk full of sugar. I’d rather make a protein shake out of the vegan Blessed Protein or OxyWhey, (both from @ehplabs )I do eat fruit, but I limit my intake of sugar to cheat day and these other times… mornings 1 serving (sometimes) and after a workout (always). In place of fruit?, i do lots of VEGETABLES throughout the day ! Veggies are your friends! Find ways to enjoy them and start being smarter about the way you eat ✔️ – Grab your protein so you have back up for those sweet cravings while you start cutting down fruit from your diet and adding more vegetables. – @ehplabs Discount code: michie10 – #fitspo #diet #losefat #fatloss #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #fitjourney #fruit #sugar #nutrition #lowsugardiet #health #healthyfood #healthyhabits #healthydiet #lossweight #loseinches

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