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Ashley Horner was always into fitness when she was younger. She was brought up on a ranch with horses and took part in gymnastics throughout her youth.


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Beautiful Tuesday, feeling blessed to be a mom. Work life, motherhood & fueling myself in a flash 😬 typical mom/work life style. Thanks @nutritionsolutions 💕

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Weight: 128 Lbs (58kg)

Height: 5’4″ (1.62m)

Age :29

Nationality :American


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When I wake up in the mornings, it’s my only moment of quiet. Even when my mind wants me to travel to my ‘daily to-do’ list of things to start checking off- I have to discipline my mind to live in a state of calm… – I like to use the mental practice, knowing that whatever seems to be urgently waiting for me in my inbox or unread text messages can pause for just a little longer. . With the duties and responsibilities I have, you can pull yourself in a million different directions. You feel guilty no matter what you do- you turn your focus to one thing, have to let go of another a little & you feel guilty. You desperately want to take time for yourself and you feel guilty for taking that time, because you’re needed elsewhere… the balancing act has no formula. You MUST take even the smallest amount of time you can spare and fill up your cup. – So this morning, although my mind wanted to be in a million different places and the pressing need to start marking off the things on my list I made myself the first to be marked off. Close by one of my business, I finished up a lengthy phone meeting pulled out my computer to knock out a few things and then quickly shut the computer screen off- had a conversation with myself… “Ashley just give yourself a few minutes.” – and I did! I pulled a day out of KALLOS STHENOS (body weight program) and dangggg was i struggling 😅 . . Workout 50 walking lunges 100 meter sand sprint 20 push ups 50 meter sprint 20 walking lunges 20 push ups 50 meter sprint 35 curtsy lunges 30 jumping lunges 25 meter sprint 20 jumping squats 50 meter sprint 20 push ups …. continued . . I lay in bed tonight- my legs can feel my training today, the small window of time I had, I made it count. With a quiet home, I’m getting ready to knock out a bit more work while my youngest is sound asleep next to me. And in the morning- up before anyone in the house: i will meet the sunrise, with a grateful and peaceful heart… ready to do it all over again ❤️ . #AshleyHorner #WomanOfIron #ashleyhornertransformyou #Ashletes

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